Precautions for motorcycle tires


1. Avoid long-term storage or exposure in high temperature environments;

2. Avoid storing the car in a humid place for a long time;

3. Avoid contact with oils and other items. If you accidentally stick it, you should wash it off as soon as possible, because the oil has an affinity for rubber, which will cause the tire to crack and deteriorate.

4. Avoid overweight driving. The load-bearing capacity of motorcycle tires has a certain range. Overloading will inevitably lead to increased deformation of the tires, increased ground contact area, and accelerated wear.

5. Always check whether the air pressure of motorcycle tires meets the standards specified in the vehicle manual.

It is recommended to prepare a high-quality tire pressure gauge when riding, because the tire pressure will directly affect the tire contact area, distortion, and tire temperature.

6. Check the wear of the tire pattern from time to time.

7. Frequently check whether there are hard objects such as gravel, glass, nails, screws, etc. embedded in the gaps of the tire pattern. These embedded objects not only affect the adhesion of the tire, but also are the hidden danger of puncturing the tire.

Note: If you find that the tread is pierced by a sharp object during riding, do not remove it immediately, especially when there is no place around you to repair the tire.