How to properly maintain motorcycle tires in summer


It is the weather where the scorching sun and rain intersect in the summer. Today, let’s talk about the common sense of summer tire maintenance. In any case, due to the rising high temperature in summer, the tire pressure will also increase when the vehicle is driving on a dry and hot road, and it will also be eroded by rain. The double test requires the car owner to take care of maintenance and not tolerate any negligence. Once a puncture occurs, it may cause a safety accident.

Don't spray water on the tires

The hot weather in summer is a great test for long-distance vehicles. When driving on the highway for about two hours, the owner should park the car in a cool place on the side of the road to relieve the pressure of the tires. Do not sprinkle water on the tires at this time, because the tires are prone to cracks and deformation after a hot and cold stimulation, so the tires should be allowed to cool down naturally.

To drive gently

Driving smoothly in summer, starting, turning and braking must be steady, to reduce abnormal wear and tear on the tires and the ground caused by too fast starting and stopping. As the road surface is exposed to the sun for a long time in summer and the surface temperature is very high, in order to ensure safety, it is necessary to prevent the speed of the car from being too fast. When driving, choose a relatively flat road as much as possible. When encountering a bumpy road, you should slow down in advance to avoid impacting the tires at high speed.