Choose tires correctly from two aspects


Wear resistance:
When choosing a tire, its wear resistance is an important consideration. Soft tires can get more traction, but they wear quickly; while hard tires damage more slowly, but their grip performance is poor. Manufacturers usually consider many influencing factors when designing motorcycle tyres so that the tire can obtain an optimal balance point between the grip performance and the mileage that can be driven.
Among the many influencing factors of motorcycle tyres, the most critical is the motorcycle driver. Insufficient tire pressure is the most important factor affecting tire damage. According to the statistics of motorcycle tyre repair points, it can be found that 85% of tire damage is caused by insufficient tire pressure, which not only makes motorcycle driving more dangerous, but also It also reduces the tire life by about 20% to 40%. Therefore, when inflating a tire, it is best to inflate according to the maximum air pressure marked by the tire manufacturer on the sidewall of the tire, rather than according to the maximum air pressure marked by the motorcycle manufacturer in the motorcycle instruction manual. Tires get the best performance.
Secondly, different driving styles will also cause different tire wear. For cruising motorcycles, since most of the weight of the motorcycle falls on the rear tires, most drivers are more accustomed to using the rear brake to make the rear tires carry most of the traction required by the motorcycle. And braking force, so the rear tires usually wear out faster; and for aggressive and wild motorcycle drivers, they usually brake later when turning and use the front brake to make them at a higher speed. Rush into the corners, so that the front tires need to carry more grip and braking force, so the front tires usually damage faster.
Tire manufacturers usually design the crown pattern depth of the rear tires to be larger so that the front and rear tires are damaged in about the same time. It is recommended that you change the front and rear tires at the same time when changing your motorcycle tyres to ensure the traction of the front and rear tires is balanced. In addition, it is best to use new tire air nozzles when changing your motorcycle tyres.

Tire specifications:
Many motorcyclists like to fit their motorcycles with flatter and larger tires, which is actually not a very good method. First of all, the size design of tires needs to take into account the cleaning ability of motorcycle mudguards and suspension parts. In addition, motorcycle manufacturers have spent a lot of time designing and testing the selected tire size specifications should be the best, it should The most suitable suspension system for your motorcycle. Randomly changing the tire specifications may have the opposite effect, which will affect the driving performance and handling performance of the motorcycle and even lead to unsafe driving of the motorcycle.