Storage method of motorcycle inner tube


To extend the service life of motorcycle inner tubes, the correct storage method is very important.
1. The motorcycle inner tube of the complete package should be placed vertically on the shelf, and the inner tube that has been placed for a long time should be rotated regularly to change its placement fulcrum to avoid deformation of the inner tube.
2. When the motorcycle inner tube is in storage, the inner tube should be stored in batches according to the production or storage time, first in, first out, and used in order.
3. The inner tube should be stored in a dry warehouse, avoid the sun and rain, and should not be excessively ventilated. A large-scale inner tube warehouse should be equipped with a thermometer and a hygrometer. The temperature of the inner tube should be controlled between -10 degrees and 30 degrees, and the relative humidity should be 50% to 80%.
4. When the motorcycle inner tube and the rim are installed and stored together, the inner tube should be slightly inflated so that the inner tube can withstand a certain amount of pressure.