Why do motorcycle tires wear so quickly on the track?


The two tires of motorcycles play a key role. It can be said that tires are the only "bridge" connecting the road to the vehicle. Many people do not pay attention to motorcycle tires, and do not pay attention to maintenance. They do not even know how to accelerate tire wear. But the track says otherwise, the tires on the track will wear out faster than daily riding? In just a few tens of minutes, the tires need to be replaced. Why?
The tire itself is a kind of consumable. For ordinary tires, the sign of wear in the tread pattern is a small bump, so when the tire is worn to a certain extent, it will rub against this bump. If the tires are not replaced at this time and the wear continues, the tire structural layer will be destroyed and the hidden danger of puncture will be caused.

There are several reasons for the rapid wear of track tires:
1. Vehicle situation: The situation of the vehicle is quite special. Because it is a race track, every second will bring a huge gap. The speed of each vehicle is difficult for ordinary people to control. The vehicle is extremely fast, and the overall speed accelerates the wear of the tires.
2. Rapid acceleration and frequent rapid deceleration: On the track, drivers need to make rapid turns, emergency braking, ultra-high number of turns to start, etc., so that the tires are worn out. Sudden acceleration, at this time the tire tread has to double the work force of the ground, so that the tire will leave marks on the ground, and the wear will increase accordingly. Every corner of the track must be bent to ensure its own speed. It is also an important factor in accelerating tire wear.
3. Special tires: Track tires are hot-melt tires, which are more prone to wear and tear than normal tires. After the hot-melt tires reach the normal working temperature, the grip and friction increase, which brings about increased wear and tear.
4. Tire pressure: The cyclic process of tire low temperature-high temperature-low temperature-high temperature is very frequent, which causes the tire pressure to change constantly, which will also accelerate wear.
I believe that most ordinary people are not racers and do not have enough money to change tires every day. Therefore, we must pay more attention to protecting our tires when riding. Good tires can provide the greatest guarantee for our safe riding. Try to be as slow as possible, reduce the number of times you use the brakes, and do not accelerate or decelerate quickly. This is not only safe, but also conducive to the long-term use of the tires.