How to judge whether motorcycle tires are deformed


Do you know how to judge whether a motorcycle tire is deformed? This article describes how to determine whether a motorcycle tire is deformed
1 Observe with naked eyes. Has the middle of motorcycle tires been worn flat? Has the shape of the entire tire changed significantly compared to the new tire? Whether the tire shape is symmetrical.

2 If you feel that the naked eye observation is too subjective, you can also use the tread pattern indicator to judge. The several columnar protrusions pointed by the indicator arrow are on a completely horizontal line. Checking whether the tread depths at these columnar protrusions are the same can help determine whether the tire is deformed.

3 Feel the control of the vehicle. When riding, if you feel that the car turning left after winter is more sensitive than turning right, and there is no problem with the suspension tuning, it is likely that the left side of the tire has been deformed by long-term parking.

Note: The deformation of the front wheel is mostly caused by the asymmetry of the tire shape caused by the pressure deformation on the left side of the motorcycle tire, while the deformation of the rear tire is mainly due to the flatness of the tire.