Types of off-road tires


There are 5 levels of off-road tires from low to high, namely H/T, A/T, S/T, M/T, and rain forest tires.
for example:
A/T tire is a standard off-road tire, also called all-terrain tire, which is the most frequently used tire by off-road enthusiasts. Compared with road tires, all-terrain tires are more compatible. The pattern design of all-terrain tires is relatively rough, and the distance between the teeth is larger than that of road tires. This design sacrifices road performance for durability and adhesion. , The noise has also increased to a certain extent, it is a tire that takes into account both off-road and road performance. All-terrain tires are a good choice for those who use their car as a means of transportation and occasionally go out to sprinkle wild. The scope of application is basically half of the cross-country and highway, but the noise of the tires has been greatly improved compared with the noise and vibration of the road tires, and the anti-puncture ability and the off-road ability have also been greatly improved. Therefore, all-terrain tires are standard off-road equipment.