How to identify genuine and fake butyl rubber inner tubes?


By hand, it is butyl rubber that feels soft and has great elasticity, and ordinary rubber that feels hard and does not have elasticity.
1. Butyl inner tube has excellent air retention performance and excellent performance of heat resistance, aging resistance and tear resistance when driving at high speed.
2. Butyl rubber inner tube has good anti-vibration effect.
Butyl rubber inner tube has good air tightness, heat resistance, elasticity, aging resistance and small permanent deformation. The butyl rubber inner tube has good self-closing properties and high air tightness. After the inner tube is loaded, the air pressure is above 8MPA. The high air-tight carcass reduces natural gas leakage. Compared with the natural rubber inner tube, the inflation frequency is lower in use, and it is more fuel-efficient in driving. The high temperature resistance of the butyl rubber inner tube is better than that of the natural rubber inner tube. When the car is running at high speed for a long time, the temperature of the tire cavity is very high, which makes the inner tube rubber self-vulcanize quickly and affects the service life. Butyl rubber inner tube is more resistant to aging and use time Longer.