Is it better to choose tubeless tyres or inner tubes for long-distance motorcycles?


According to some experience of motorcycle brigade, in addition to the wheel structure, vacuum tires are more suitable for long-distance running. Long-distance friction travel of motorcycles will encounter many complicated road conditions. Therefore, vacuum tires can adapt to that environment, even in some situations. It can also be handled better. Generally, there are the following specific reasons:

1. The surface of the vacuum tire is a layer of high-quality rubber. After inflation, the surface tension increases, and a certain pressure is formed on the inner surface, which improves the self-sealing ability of the breach. , It will last for a certain period of time, ensuring safety during high-speed driving.
2. The diameter of the vacuum tire rim is larger than that of the ordinary rim, so it will not be affected by the heat of the brake drum during driving. Because there is no inner tube and lining belt, the tire and the wheel rim are sealed as one body. When the vehicle is running at high speed, the high temperature generated by the friction between the tire and the road surface will be directly dissipated by the steel rim in the interior (hot air) and quickly reduce the tire temperature, thereby extending the tire Service life.